with teeth .. they bite and fight and bite and fight ...

2005-03-23 03:29

after 6 long years one of my favourite bands is going to release a new album: nine inch nails. some day last week they made the first single public: the hand that feeds , pretty nice song and i am quite excited about how the whole album will sound like. couple of weeks ago i already ordered tickets for the nin-show in one of my favourite clubs ever: the columbiahall in berlin, shows will take place on june 15th and i know for sure one person who would like to see it but its just too far away where he comes from :)

anyway, to my surprise i recognized one familiar (well, ok i recognized trent too, but thats obvious) face among the band playing in the video for the new single: jordie white, aka twiggy ramirez when playing with/for marilyn manson ... jordie played also the bass in another fav-band of me: a perfect circle :) those musicians seem just to be a big circus and keep on rotating so everyone stays happy but within the business :))

ah, and of coz another well known character has his fingers (again) on the controls (except trent): rick rubin, i really ask myself when this man ever will stop producing good music. maybe it isnt even possible for him to do this.

2005 seems to be a good year for music, even the lineup for the festivals seem to satisfy my and anja’s taste this year.

so rock on, akira aka mathias