2006-07-04 18:11

while playing around with the new setup i took a little look onto the logfiles for ... well, it was obvious that someone had real interest in some of my images, especially one. so i checked and found to my surprise (well, call me naive if you want) some folks (mostly from hotlinking to my images. the one image in question is around 130k. it was downloaded around 2000 times since we moved to the new host. do the math. my traffic. not funny.

so i made a little pic which our webserver redirects to when someone from external is refering to my images directly. dont get me wrong, if you want to use the content of my page, feel free to inform me about and ask for permission, most of the time i am more than happy to provide you with something you need to feel better. but dont use my bandwith without even telling me.

regards, ak