daemonize the world

2006-09-05 00:20

buddy of mine (yeah, his site definitivly sux big time, but he showed me this) taught me a little bit about djb’s way to do handle the daemons of the underworld. i tried it first on my little phoenix under freebsd and later on the vhost which is running darkshed and climbing-art.de (ah, yeah, i am hosting the site of the guy behind this now) and saw4ever (the clan of lumberjack, also on the vhost .. he is the admin there :).

so, lighty is now running under the strict control of supervise. even further i hacked together a little something to control teamspeak (which is essential for the clan-guys). never downtime of again :) yeah. maybe i ll write al ittle howto about the teamspeak/daemontools one day since its a bit tricky and someone else wants to know it, dunno yet.