new and shiney news

2006-08-23 11:23

ok, long time no update here. several reasons. first, i prepared to move to a new appartment. second, i moved to the new appartment, and last: i finished moving but then the damn appartment has to be filled with something. heavy ikeaing. and those of you who moved once know, that there are a lot of people who want to know where you are living now. which means a lot of running from one authority to the next and so on.

since yesterday i have dsl @ home again. pretty happy. next thing is to buy an asus wl500g deluxe and replace my current router/server to save lots of energy. i plan to put freewrt on it. i hope someday i ll run a bsd on it, i just love *bsd for my routers :)

happyness about the connection to the world didnt last very long. when arriving home i stumbled upon some problems with my root partition. somehow the xfs got a little bit crazy in the head and went nuts. neither xfs_repair nor xfsdump worked. last resort was to tar the stuff together and dump it onather partion, wipe the old partition and untar the content back. phew, that worked. the ones among you who survived thing once already know how i felt last evening.

more soonish, i hope. cheers and have fun.