welcome in 2007

2007-01-25 01:29

ah .. such a long time since a real update. sorry, work kept me busy and i somehow lost interest in telling the world that .. well .. nothing really happend. so, let get some news together:

i didnt mention it but i was on two tool concerts in 2006: one in berlin and one in leipzig. the latter was much better, the first one was much more of a quickshot. mastodon, the opener: heavy. maynard playing bowling on the stage while singing thru his gasmask … disturbing :). music: toolish as tool can get. nifty lasershow, toolish videos … what else should i say?

well, the googlers at code.google.com did it and are now using svn 1.4 .. which means i could use svnsync to replicate my local version history of alock towards to google. and now its there, public svn access to alock code. check out.

ciaranm pushes people to release proper .. well .. release :) but somehow i am just not sure how to give numbers to software in way that the number would reflect something. i am more the fan of “use svn-current” .. and it even has a revision number for those number fetishists among you.

hansmi kindly made an ebuild for gentoo, its even in portage now. just emerge alock and there you go.

around 2 weeks ago i got my hands on a fujitsu lifebook. i put freebsd on it and it just works great. a slim fluxbox and some good info about how to get those evil multimediacrap running and voila: neat.

back in the days i went to school we had a little router/fileserver. ‘phoenix’ ran under linux, obsd and fbsd. it survived several hardware changes and it served very well for a long long time. 10 days ago the daemonguys and girls relased freebsd6.2 and i used the excellent script of colin percival … the whole upgrade-process was absolutly painless … but in a way pretty useless since i dont use ‘phoenix’ anymore :)

when i moved into my own appartment there was no need for such a machine anymore and so i bought an asus wl500deluxe a while ago (i made this ‘project garm’). since i b0rked it i had to buy a new one. a week a go i put freewrt onto it. i wouldnt buy that model again, because the flashable ram is just to small :) i had to put an usb-stick into it to get some free space for stuff i wanted onto that “box”. but except from that it works pretty good. next step would be to buy a good wlan-adapter for my laptop (recommendations welcome, it must be supported by freebsd without any kind of blob-drivers) and then fire up wlan here to end this cable-hell. i ll take some pictures of ‘garm’ and publish them.

a thing i miss on garm is pf … i ll never get used to iptables :)

i got a new mobile .. and now they bring the iphone. damnit :) well, i am pretty happy with it. it got a big display, looks like a normal fone (and not like a brick), it doesnt try to be something else (a mp3player) and thus it doesnt fail it trying. but its pretty good with google maps and a little gps-receiver .. hehe. damn geeks, being happy at such silly stuff :)

guildwars is an absolut timekiller. i can tell you that. and so is “gran turismo 4” .. and i hate those fucking superlicenses :)

bah, i think thats all for now :)