vacation day5-7

2006-03-28 14:32

i arrived at paris on thursday evening, stepped out of the train and almost fall back into the train coz it was kind of .. well .. not as cold as i got used to. my sister awaited me at gare de nord from where we went by the metro to rue oberkampf where she lives. we had a little dinner for two (with some desperados) and waited for her boyfriend, clement. then we continued to party :) basicly we kept it that way for the next 2 days, hehe.

the weather was quite rainy and i forgot the tripod for my cam (yeah, call me a little messy idiot if you like). so, there went my photosessions in paris at night, great. so i decided to sleep longer than normal, try to get the f*cking dslmodem of my sister work and then leave her place to run thru the streets of paris, how pathetic :)

on saturday it started to rain while heading to the louvre so i decided to leave the streets and to enter a cinema. i forgot where exactly that cinema was but it was lovely, 3 stages, huge screen, mandarin audio with french subtitles .. i loved it. after that my sister, clement and i visited an old restaurant on rue mouffetard and closed the evening (and basicly the whole trip to paris) by visiting (hooray) another cinema: the night of the iguana, neat movie.

well, we got home late which resulted in getting up not so early. breakfast, packing and then we went back to “gare de nord”. i checked the announcements .. and checked .. and checked. “well, why the heck is the clock showing 1130 instad of 10:30 .. ??” .. yeah, right. i forgot the timeswitch back from winter to summer time. great. faaaantastic. so, 90 minutes later i took the next thalys back to cologne and from there several trains back to magdeburg.