korny m*thaf*ckas

2005-09-03 13:17

korny m*thaf*ckas

on monday the 29th august lumberjack and carlo and his girlfriend joined me in front of my place where we entered carlo’s car and went to berlin to watch korn show. since we finally know the way (and never will lose orientation again … cross fingers) we made it with perfect timing to see the openener .. funny behavior on the stage but completly meaningless music .. i even forgot the name of them already.

since lumberjack didnt have to drive the car back we could have a beer before the show together, while we lost carlo and his girlfriend who told us later that they went upstairs to see the show from there. while getting the beer we recognized the (at least for us) surprisingly big number of “kids” .. 15 – 17 years old “men” :) they celebrated the opener almost fanaticly .. funny to see that.

then the crew prepared the stage for korn. they put some black sheets around the drumset, around jonathans microphone (which EVERYONE on earth already knows about). and just before the show starts they wanted to hide the whole stage behind a another black sheet .. which was a complete disaster since they couldnt tear the sheet down from the lightning stuff :)) as you can imagine, we laughed a lot with the rest of the crowd.

we placed ourself behind the pit this time to see what happens when the action starts .. well .. as it happens we crossed the pit as easy as a hot knife crosses butter. no wonder, all those kids built the pit :)

anyways, we were back in 5th – 3rd row after two songs and enjoyed the concert from there. great view, the sound was a bit unclean, at least the voice of jonathan was a bit too quiet. the selected fans inside the cages on the stage rocked really .. by not moving themselves… hehe. this cagething reminded me a bit of the deftones-show we watched some time back now .. they selected some fans before the show and put them somewhere on stage .. with fans i mean 15 year old girls which just looked cute enough for the one who picked them :)

i personally liked the show of korn although it was “just” a normal rockshow, no fancy fireworks or artworks or whatever. i found some pics of that evening in the net and mirrored them away to this place