vacation day2-4

2006-03-25 15:04

woha, what a rush. last days flew by like nothing.

on monday i took a little walk with my cam thrugh berlin and took some pictures here and there. since i am still in paris i dont know if there is any good one i want to publish.

[update] i put some of the better pics online here and here

anyway, in the evening janette, markus and i went to a nice pub to have dinner and a little chitchat. next day i woke up kind of early and continued to chitchat with j while having breakfast. since the train would leave at 1144 i thought take it easy and mellow, so, no hurry at all… wrong thought. somewhen later i took a look at the watch and … “woha, this is going to be very very close”. j took me too the nearest metrostation and from there on it was always like “come on, faster, come on, dont stop here, come on, people, get in here faster” etc. i had to change the metro once and i knew it would become really close. i arrived at ostbahnhof, jumped out of the metro, ran down the stairs, ran up the stairs again at the other platform and jumped into the ice just in time. puh, that was a close one. and just to have a little contrast: next 3 hours where kind of sleepy, boring, mellow. i had to change the train once in the middle of nowhere to come to tenner’s place which is also in the middle of a big … nothing. (i ll try to visualize my little journey with googlemaps asap).

so, tenner picked me up and we had a smooth evening with some beer, played a bit farcry in the morning and then entered the next train to bremen, where i looked forward to met daniel, an old buddy back from those schooldays. basicly same procedure at his place (beer, music, chitchat) and then lift off next day heading cologne and paris.