vacation day1

2006-03-20 11:49

vacation day1

so, well, i am now on .. well .. yeah .. vacation, can you believe this? :)

lumberjack and i arrived just in time at the place where henry talked about his life and his funny situations. if you put your nose in one of those magazines which are telling the crowd about whats going on in every little town, check out the concert dates and if henry comes to your town (or nearby): go and buy a ticket. its worth it.

we arrived at 20 o clock, he had started already and i felt a little bit like .. “damn, too late .. shit .. and its not like a normal concert, its spoken words, so you will hear everyone who goes around and grabs a chair etc etc” .. but, anyway, we got our seats on the left of the stage. it took a little bit till our mind switched to “now you have to listen to english .. and you have to understand it quickly”-mode but after some minutes its almost like you hear a native german.

the stories he told were pretty funny, he’s a really great entertainer. he started a story somewhere and 30 minutes later he was just SOMEWHERE else and you almost didnt recognize it and then, all out of a sudden, “and now you see like this is connected to that” while refering to the beginning of his story. great. really great.

so, what to do on day1. well, first things first: sleep. believe it or not, i slept very well for .. lets say .. 6 hours :) i just woke up and .. “damn, not again”. hehe. but its ok. i ll leave for the trainstation very soon to buy some tickets for the “tour”. i ll take the cam with me and maybe i ll catch some nice impressions of berlin. its a bit rainy and misty out there, but we ll see.

ok, till tomorrow …