new news .. anyone?

2005-11-15 00:48

new news .. anyone?

heya folks, after so many dates without any update here, i think its time to feed the hungry among you with new news …

well, first of all i finally bought a dslr ... and .. well, its not as easy as it seems to handle all the fancy controls of my new and shiney “canon eos 300d”. you can see one of my tries at the left .. aeh .. right .. well, damit .. you see it :) some more tries are available at /files/fotos/albums/ ... and hey, i am still searching for a really smooth gallery-software :)

and as if the cam wasnt expensive enough, here we go: i am now a proud owner of a nano. my first apple ever. and it really rox, works great with linux in general and amarok in particular and just extraordinary while running 10kms.

(btw, i do realize how lucky i am [eg to buy such kind of useless stuff as the nano], hence i think you should think about to support the people in pakistan)