2005-08-06 17:43

first of all: another year passed by and i became 27 (for those of you who missed it: 4th july .. ) i got some really nice presents. anja ebayed a fancy “akira – special edition” dvdbox for me, i was deeply surprised since she told me that she had something but i had to guess it … never came close. such a great gift. plop
thanx to all the other “gifters” .. i should start a party here i guess :)

some days later i joined the developer team at living solids for fulltime .. yeah :) we do some really nice 3d stuff there, a lot of stuff todo but very nice atmosphere.

so, since i got a fulltime job now i dont think that i can spend as much time on fluxbox as before but i ll hope to get some of my stuff for fluxbox integrated as soon as possible, i hope you are not too angry with me for the little delays, still try to make my best, promised!

next big event on my schedule is the highfield ... a little music festival and basicly the only “holidays” for this year i guess. i am looking forward to experience beautiful 3 days on that festival, maybe i ll see someone of you .. though i doubt you would recognize me .. hehe :) maybe if i would wear the fluxbox shirt fluxgen promised .. hahahr.

yesterday we went to cinemaxx (again) to watch the island .. what a fun. clever designed, a little bit too much product placement, but great action play with obi wan .. aeh .. mcgregor :) next movies on the schedule are crash and sin city which brings us back to batman begins (for those of you not seeing the connection: frank miller .. yeah, google for yourself, no link :)) anyways, “batman” and mr. bale .. what a great combination, best batman ever, so dark, so dark, so .. dark. go and check for yourself.