mars volta on the rox...

2005-03-03 03:22

or “how we slithered to berlin and back”. as i wrote already some friends of mine and i went to berlin to see mars volta live and on stage. the “good” weather started just some hours before we want to hit the road .. snow and a bit ice on the autobahn. after 2 hours we took the wrong (as always btw, its becoming a running gag now) exit but finally made it to the place where were playing.

we ran into a funny situation with another cardriver who wanted to use “his” parkingpocket .. hehe .. funny guy with funny way of thinking whats “his”.

anyway, we arrived just in time, ordered a beer and almost instantly mv entered the stage. no greetings or something like that .. just pure, brutal drumming + insane sounds of the guitar :) after 25 minutes or so they stopped for .. well, the singer needed water and the rest of the band just tuned the instruments for a moment. after that, only music, only minibreaks .. if you want to call the slow passages “breaks”. i felt like experiencing kind of psychedelic rock-opera, we were really busy to follow the music. i recognized some of the songs from their great first album and a few of their current recording, the rest was just music i didnt know :)

after 2 hours and 15 minutes or so, they left the stage with a little smile and a shy greeting to the crowd. it was a pretty good concert though completly different from what i or the others have experienced so far (“are you experienced?” :))

on the way back we missed the first restaurant with the golden m and thus we needed to stop at a fuelstation to satisfy our hunger. after that we hit the road again and drove slowly on the right side. to my surprise not everyone was so careful with this kind of weathercondition on the street (it was really slick) ... a lot of the trucks passed us on the left side and speeded up their way to .. yeah, to wherever. and we weren’t really surprised to hear that some .. well .. mostly trucks were involved in the accidents ahead of us which lead to a complete barrier of the autobahn .. nice. so we had to leave the autobahn and visit some villages in the night :)

we arrived at my home around 3 o’clock in the morning, pretty tired and my friends had to drive another 30 minutes yet to actually get home.

but after all it was a really good concert and a funny time.