asciidoc and how to put back the fun in writing documentation

2005-05-30 04:20

for my smaller projects like alock or akwarp i searched for a clever way of writing the documentation. i tried to start with docbook but that was a bit too heavy for such small projects. after some surfing i stumbled over asciidoc and as it turns out: its the perfect solution. one writes the doc in normal, plain text and then convert it into manpages, html-pages, pdf’s and what not. pretty fancy, pretty amazing.

after playing around a bit with asciidoc i tried to convert the current fluxbox-manpage (or better, the version asenchi is maintaining at the moment) to asciidoc-format .. and THAT turned out to be a really good choice. i put the result online, check out here .. funny, isnt it?

well, i only can recommend anyone of you who write software to write documentation (or at least try). and if you do, use asciidoc :)