a new website .. tablaunch

2005-03-03 03:35

my roommate matthias (notice the two ‘t’) uses linux now for a while (surprise surprise). after using kde for some time he changed to fluxbox (surprise2) and discovered the joy of gdesklets. but he was a bit unhappy to see the cpuload rise, caused by gdesklets and the starterbar he used. so i suggested tablaunch to him .. which worked out pretty well. i knew dung lam (the man behind tablaunch) because he took over the support for fluxbox-generate_menu, a little script that helps to build fluxbox-menus. i contributed the scons-buildsystem for tablaunch and surfed the former site to grab it for my roommate.

the tablaunch-lookalike

well, to make it short, since on the old “site” was a “whoever wants to gimme a new site feel free” i felt free and gave dung a simple, clean page … which is now tablaunch.sf.net and which also makes me the web-guy for that project .. sigh