a new fluxbox release

2005-05-13 19:43

after several months off hacking and tuning and bughunting we finally did it: fluxbox-0.9.13 is there .. on friday the 13th :) naturally 2 files were missing in the first tarball, hehe, damn. and that after all the testcompiling i did on every damn machine i could get: pcs, alphas, suns .. running all versions of linux,*bsd,solaris and darwin with all combinations of compilers .. check out this.

anyway, thats the (imho) best release of fbox ever, the most speedy, slim and featureful at the same time :) hopefully the 0.9.14 doesnt take another 4 months to get out.

i updated all my patches and collected some patches from other people i met in irc to provide another gift on this day: ak-fluxbox-svn-0.9.13. you can find it here. it includes again the commandtoolpatch from me and the typeaheadpatch from Sin .. check it out, nice way of handling the menu.

cheers and happy fluxboxing.


first, we solved the problems with the official fluxbox-tarballes mentioned earlier. secondly a minor issue was solved in the typeaheadpatch from Sin, so i throw out a new release of ak-fluxbox-svn .. 0.9.13-r1.