vacation day5-7

2006-03-28 14:32

i arrived at paris on thursday evening, stepped out of the train and almost fall back into the train coz it was kind of .. well .. not as cold as i got used to. my sister awaited me at gare de nord from where we went by the metro to rue oberkampf where she lives. we had a little dinner for two (with some desperados) and waited for her boyfriend, clement. then we continued to party :) basicly we kept it that way for the next 2 days, hehe.

the weather was quite rainy and i forgot the tripod for my cam (yeah, call me a little messy idiot if you like). so, there went my photosessions in paris at night, great. so i decided to sleep longer than normal, try to get the f*cking dslmodem of my sister work and then leave her place to run thru the streets of paris, how pathetic :)

on saturday it started to rain while heading to the louvre so i decided to leave the streets and to enter a cinema. i forgot where exactly that cinema was but it was lovely, 3 stages, huge screen, mandarin audio with french subtitles .. i loved it. after that my sister, clement and i visited an old restaurant on rue mouffetard and closed the evening (and basicly the whole trip to paris) by visiting (hooray) another cinema: the night of the iguana, neat movie.

well, we got home late which resulted in getting up not so early. breakfast, packing and then we went back to “gare de nord”. i checked the announcements .. and checked .. and checked. “well, why the heck is the clock showing 1130 instad of 10:30 .. ??” .. yeah, right. i forgot the timeswitch back from winter to summer time. great. faaaantastic. so, 90 minutes later i took the next thalys back to cologne and from there several trains back to magdeburg.



vacation day2-4

2006-03-25 15:04

woha, what a rush. last days flew by like nothing.

on monday i took a little walk with my cam thrugh berlin and took some pictures here and there. since i am still in paris i dont know if there is any good one i want to publish.

[update] i put some of the better pics online here and here

anyway, in the evening janette, markus and i went to a nice pub to have dinner and a little chitchat. next day i woke up kind of early and continued to chitchat with j while having breakfast. since the train would leave at 1144 i thought take it easy and mellow, so, no hurry at all… wrong thought. somewhen later i took a look at the watch and … “woha, this is going to be very very close”. j took me too the nearest metrostation and from there on it was always like “come on, faster, come on, dont stop here, come on, people, get in here faster” etc. i had to change the metro once and i knew it would become really close. i arrived at ostbahnhof, jumped out of the metro, ran down the stairs, ran up the stairs again at the other platform and jumped into the ice just in time. puh, that was a close one. and just to have a little contrast: next 3 hours where kind of sleepy, boring, mellow. i had to change the train once in the middle of nowhere to come to tenner’s place which is also in the middle of a big … nothing. (i ll try to visualize my little journey with googlemaps asap).

so, tenner picked me up and we had a smooth evening with some beer, played a bit farcry in the morning and then entered the next train to bremen, where i looked forward to met daniel, an old buddy back from those schooldays. basicly same procedure at his place (beer, music, chitchat) and then lift off next day heading cologne and paris.

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vacation day1

2006-03-20 11:49

vacation day1

so, well, i am now on .. well .. yeah .. vacation, can you believe this? :)

lumberjack and i arrived just in time at the place where henry talked about his life and his funny situations. if you put your nose in one of those magazines which are telling the crowd about whats going on in every little town, check out the concert dates and if henry comes to your town (or nearby): go and buy a ticket. its worth it.

we arrived at 20 o clock, he had started already and i felt a little bit like .. “damn, too late .. shit .. and its not like a normal concert, its spoken words, so you will hear everyone who goes around and grabs a chair etc etc” .. but, anyway, we got our seats on the left of the stage. it took a little bit till our mind switched to “now you have to listen to english .. and you have to understand it quickly”-mode but after some minutes its almost like you hear a native german.

the stories he told were pretty funny, he’s a really great entertainer. he started a story somewhere and 30 minutes later he was just SOMEWHERE else and you almost didnt recognize it and then, all out of a sudden, “and now you see like this is connected to that” while refering to the beginning of his story. great. really great.

so, what to do on day1. well, first things first: sleep. believe it or not, i slept very well for .. lets say .. 6 hours :) i just woke up and .. “damn, not again”. hehe. but its ok. i ll leave for the trainstation very soon to buy some tickets for the “tour”. i ll take the cam with me and maybe i ll catch some nice impressions of berlin. its a bit rainy and misty out there, but we ll see.

ok, till tomorrow …



updates 060317

2006-03-17 12:32

updates 060317

nothing happend here for the last month(s)... sorry, we were pretty busy at work which lead to few sleep and long worktime. and in the little sparetime i had i just wasnt in the mood to post .. well .. basicly nothing.

anyway. good news from my favourite band, tool. may 2006 will be a good month since they release a new album … yeah. and to make things better: they ll play a show in berlin”. yeah2. and yeah3, since i love the location. and to make things great: i have already tickets for the show :) yeah4 till yeah10. happy me, happy me.

next big thing for us: we won the “best windowmanager of 2005” award .. hehe … again. see the results yourself. thanx to the voting community out there, we highly appreciate it. henrik tries to release 0915 this weekend, hopefully he ll manage it coz i am a bit caught in preparation for the trip.

lumberjack and i will go to berlin tomorrow to see a show of iron henry. it will be a spoken words show, we are really curious about it. i ll write a little report, when i am back from (next big yeah) my first vacation this year, starting on sunday, right after the show of henry.

my plan is to stay 1 day in berlin at a friend, then travel to tenner, a great fluxbox style make, turn north and visit another old buddy in bremen and finally traval to paris, where my little sister and her boyfriend lives. i ll take the cam with me, we ll see what comes into my focus :)

as some of you might know i am a little chili-eater. today i just read a little article on slashdot, that chili isnt only good for your stomach, but also for your “prostata”. check out this link. now i feel much better :)

well, enough blabla from me, more of it when i am back. so long, yours truly.



peta and trent

2006-01-30 19:53

i just stumbled upon some news about trent reznor and his involvement with peta, that organization that cares about animals and how to treat them in an ethical manner. anyhow, it roused my interest (something in my mind was visualizing the video for closer):

right decision in my oppinion.
yours, ak

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2006-01-10 09:10

with some of nice pics in my back i felt its about time to give darkshed a little facelift and change the look-a-like slightly. its not perfect yet, but i am looking forward to solve all outstanding issues soonish.

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2005-12-27 09:10

i finally found an image-gallery which doesnt suck at all: spgm. the design doesnt match with’s design atm, but at least you can watch some of my photos, all made with a canon eos300d. i bought some books about photography and the camera and try to produce some nice looking ones. hope you like it, enjoy:



lately in the cinema ...

2005-11-25 00:29

finally. i thought i wont see any entertaining movie this year anymore. even harry potter IV wasnt as amusing as we thought .. story was a little bit .. flat. anyway, today lumber and i went to the cinemaxx. we were pretty late and didnt expect too much from serenity .. but oh what a surprise. funny mixture of resident evil and space whatever, combined with western elements and kind of telepathic .. something. hehe, lots of stupid dialogs, but in the good way. they didnt take themself to serious and just made a funny movie.

btw, we saw the bad guy of that movie last week in 4 brothers .. which was ok, but i think that one is a perfect movie for dvd :) he was the bad guy in that movie too .. hehe, same evilish look.



new news .. anyone?

2005-11-15 00:48

new news .. anyone?

heya folks, after so many dates without any update here, i think its time to feed the hungry among you with new news …

well, first of all i finally bought a dslr ... and .. well, its not as easy as it seems to handle all the fancy controls of my new and shiney “canon eos 300d”. you can see one of my tries at the left .. aeh .. right .. well, damit .. you see it :) some more tries are available at /files/fotos/albums/ ... and hey, i am still searching for a really smooth gallery-software :)

and as if the cam wasnt expensive enough, here we go: i am now a proud owner of a nano. my first apple ever. and it really rox, works great with linux in general and amarok in particular and just extraordinary while running 10kms.

(btw, i do realize how lucky i am [eg to buy such kind of useless stuff as the nano], hence i think you should think about to support the people in pakistan)



fluxbox 0.9.14 and ak-fluxbox-svn

2005-09-16 10:45

well, its finally done: we released fluxbox 0.9.14. you can find more info about all the changes at this site. as always gentoo is one of the fastest distris to be up to date, thanx to ciaranm. due my work for livingsolids i am pretty close to the maintainer of rocklinux – stable and one of my first actions was to convince him from fluxbox, hence rocklinux was even more uptodate than gentoo .. hehe .. flamewar on? :)

for all the gentooers among you who wants to use absolutly bleeding
edge fluxbox i updated my ak-fluxbox-svn ebuild, so grab it and have fun.



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