oss - jewelry

hello guys and girls.

a friend of mine, Micha is goldsmith. he does any kind of jewelry, silver, gold, platin ... anything. he made one of the rings i wear. while sitting together once i came up with the idea of doing jewelry for opensource-projects.

to first check out, if there is interest in that kind of stuff i told him to try it with some projects first, but see yourself what he created.

if you decide to order some items, then just drop a mail to

< akira at fluxbox dot org >
i ll handle all requests for the moment. price for each item is 30euro PLUS shipping.


some logos from the fluxbox project. for each item the team gets 3 euro. birdy and the star are available as pin (for a cap or whatever) or as an amulette.







since i have kind of an excellent relationship to the guys at pekwm.org too, Micha took the logo from them and made a fancy and shiny silver amulette from it, so you be prepared for .. well .. vampires? :)

with each ordered item you basicly donate 3euro to pekwm.


debian women

now, this one is really for the girls: http://women.alioth.debian.org/.