about me

my real name in “real life” mathias gumz, but in the ‘net i am mostly known as “akira”. i am 35 years old (born on 4th of july 1978) and currently live and work in magdeburg, germany.


most of the time i spend writing software.

If you’d like to contact me, visit the contact-section.

favourite stuff

i love music. and i am really addicted to the music of tool and nine inch nails. for hacking-time i prefer electronic music such as amon tobin coz the other stuff is sometimes a bit too thrilling.

i used to play et a lot. couple of years back i was a well known bzflag-player … maybe i ll try again someday :)

about this website

darkshed.net is mostly a place i use for all the stuff i am doing so i dont lose it somewhere. it started once as wirrehomepage.de but since my “audience” is more familiar in english i try to do my best to communicate by using english as the main-language for this site.